i4cp’s Culture Renovation® Assessment

The first step for any successful culture change

Most organizations fail in their attempt to modify organizational culture.  However, 15% achieve positive culture change to better compete in the future.  i4cp’s extensive research into those organizations unveiled several commonalities in their approaches:

  • They took the time to understand the culture–and its nuances–that exist today
  • They took a renovation approach, systematically analyzing which elements to retain—and which to change
  • They conducted early assessments and collected feedback to set the cultural path and desired behaviors before embarking further

Better understand your organizational culture

Our Culture Renovation Assessment was built to serve as a critical first step in planning a culture change initiative; helping leaders understand their organization’s culture through a prescriptive model of what a healthy culture consists of.

  • Assess culture health by uncovering areas of strength and improvement needs and benchmarking these vs. high-performance organizations
  • Identify cultural problems and target where they are occurring and why—in order to defuse them for the future
  • Gain an accurate, holistic understanding of your culture today to correctly shape the culture you envision for tomorrow
Corporate Culture Scorecard

A Core Part of Your Employee Listening Strategy

The assessment combines employee listening techniques with analysis of external sentiment data – both quantitative and qualitative – to help your executives truly understand the culture via three actionable dimensions:

Culture Renovation Assessment Model

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