i4cp’s Culture Renovation® Dashboard

Better decisions through integrated culture health metrics and analysis.

Is culture an asset or a liability in your organization? How do you know? Simply put, i4cp research shows that organizations with healthy cultures outperform those that don’t.

i4cp’s Culture Renovation® Dashboard, powered by Smartsheet, ensures that executive teams, human capital leaders, and corporate boards have a comprehensive, integrated, and real-time view of culture health, whether their organizations are planning, building, or simply maintaining a change to culture.

Connecting the right data on culture is the starting point.

The data sources and reporting for key culture metrics often rely on various systems, departments, and external social sources that lack integration.

This makes it difficult to formulate, analyze and communicate a holistic view of culture health. What’s needed is a way to connect disparate data sources, distill key KPIs, and visualize data in a cohesive way.

Real-time monitoring required.

Because organizations are dynamic, understanding culture requires tracking key metrics as they evolve over time in response to external forces and to leadership-directed change initiatives and actions.

How the Dashboard delivers insight.

i4cp’s Culture Renovation™ Dashboard, powered by Smartsheet’s flexible and configurable platform, presents an organized and unified view of culture metrics by connecting and visualizing data from surveys, HRIS systems, social feeds, and other sources to:

  • Establish a culture baseline using i4cp’s Healthy Culture Index. Based on data from thousands of global organizations, the tool allows organizations to gain a thorough understanding of the culture’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Continuously track critical KPIs using internal metrics and external data sources (e.g., Glassdoor, Indeed).
  • Keep leaders informed with scorecards—up, down, and across the organization—to surface issues affecting performance, employee experience, and culture risk.

To learn more about the i4cp Culture Renovation Dashboard, please contact us.