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Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead Podcast: Kevin Oakes on Cultural Renovation

“This is the best playbook I’ve seen when it comes to creating organizational cultures that create competitive advantage, unlock performance, and rehumanize work.”

Publishers Weekly: “Business leaders will want to check out this smart, savvy guide.”

Read this review of Culture Renovation, in which “Oakes successfully presents countless case studies that clarify his advice.”

Inevitable: The Future of Work Podcast – Culture Renovation

In this interview/conversation, Kevin Oakes, author of Culture Renovation, outlines how we can plan, build, and maintain cultures that enable positive and lasting change.

Booklist: A Review of Culture Renovation

Read this review of the new book by Kevin Oakes.

CEO World – The Key to Agility: Create a Kill Our Company Committee

Kevin Oakes recommends every organization form a committee designed to disrupt itself (before the competitors do).

Schools for Startups Radio – Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Listen to this podcast hosted by Jim Beach.

Life as Leadership Podcast – Why You Should Renovate Rather Than Transform Your Culture with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss his new book.

HR Executive – Here’s How HR Can Lead a ‘Culture Renovation’

In this interview, Kevin Oakes discusses what it means to renovate culture, when companies should embark on such an initiative and what corporate culture has in common with a beautiful, old house.

SmartBrief – Stop Trying to Transform Your Culture. Renovate It, Instead.

Kevin Oakes explains the benefits of a culture renovation.

LeadershipNow Leading Blog – Culture Renovation Overview

Read the blog for an overview of the book.

McGraw Hill +BusinessBlog – Stop Trying to Transform Your Culture. Renovate it Instead.

Kevin Oakes explains the importance of needing to spearhead a culture renovation in order to drive profits, growth, and business sustainability.

Brainfluence with Roger Dooley – How to Change Corporate Culture

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to share insights from the book.

My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle – Great Business Culture is Observable in the Actions of its People

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to discuss how business culture can be approached similar to a home renovation – perfecting one area at a time – for small business leaders.

Wharton Business Radio – Kevin Oakes on Leadership in Action

Kevin Oakes discusses his book Culture Renovation on Business Radio’s Leadership in Action program, SiriusXM 132.

Dose of Leadership Podcast – Creating a Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joins Richard Rierson’s podcast for a conversation about building unshakeable organizations.

Delivering Happiness Podcast – Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to discuss the new book.

Leadership Insights blog – Tackle Your Culture Renovation

Kevin Oakes talks with Skip Prichard about turning cultures into agile, innovative, and resilient powerhouses.

Chief Executive – What If Your Assumptions About Culture Are All Wrong?

Visit the website for an excerpt of the book.

TD Magazine – Book Capsules, March 2021

Read the magazine’s review of the book.

Get Reworked Podcast – Why Now Is The Perfect Time for Culture Renovation

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss the book and what makes good corporate cultures work.

Forbes – Does Your Culture Have Know-It-Alls or Learn-It-Alls?

Kevin Oakes interview with Rodger Dean Duncan covers the book and how culture is inextricably linked to organizational performance.

SocialTalent’s The Shortlist – How to Ensure Company Culture Doesn’t Become a Casualty

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss the book and how to renovate for success.

Show Up As A Leader Podcast – Kevin Oakes on What it Really Takes To Renovate Workplace Culture

Kevin Oakes sat down with Dr. Rosie Ward to discuss key aspects of the book.

Love In Action Podcast – Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joined Marcel Schwantes to discuss how to successfully facilitate culture change.

Midwest Book Review – The Business Shelf

The Wisconsin Bookwatch from March 2021 provides a review of the book.

CMSWire – Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Find What’s Working and Build From There

Phil Britt cites Culture Renovation in his recent article on customer experience.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – How to Leverage Organizational Storytelling in Shaping Culture

The EO blog features an excerpt from the book.

Entrepreneur Weekly – What Now! with Scott Duffy and Plan, Build and Maintain with Kevin Oakes

Kevin joined the podcast (episode 226) to discuss the book.

LEADx Blog – 3 Most Overlooked Aspects of Culture Renovation

Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx and NY Times Bestselling Author, provides a review of the book.

HRchat Podcast – High Performance Organizations and Creating a Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Kevin joined the podcast (episode 325) to discuss ways leaders and HR can turn a company’s culture into one based on agility, resilience, and innovation.

HR Executive – Your Culture Has Changed–Here’s How to Shape It for the Future

Kevin shares how organizations can pivot cultures to today’s new realities.

Leading Transformational Change Podcast – Kevin Oakes: How to Lead a Culture Renovation

Kevin joins Tobias Sturesson for an episode of Heart Management’s podcast; unpacking the strategies and actions that are key to successfully renovating culture.

CultureLab Podcast – It’s Time for Culture Renovation

Kevin joins Aga Bajer to share his research into company culture and what he’s learned about culture change.

People and Performance Podcast – How Leaders Can Transform Organizational Culture

Kevin joins the podcast to discuss ways leaders can better align with the culture of an organization and drive performance based on agility, resilience, and innovation.

Team Anywhere Podcast – How to Create Culture Change in Your Company

Kevin joins the podcast to discuss why renovation beats transformation every time.

ForbesBooks’ Culture Architects – Episode 5: Kevin Oakes Part 1 | Part 2

Kevin joins the podcast to talk Culture Renovation.

Bring Out The Talent podcast – Episode 26: Culture Renovation – How to Build an Unshakeable Company

Kevin joins the podcast to share insight into the world of culture renovation and tips from his book.

People and Performance Podcast (Nov. 30, 2022) – Twitter and Why Company Culture Still Matters

Kevin shares his thoughts on the upheaval at Twitter, and the importance of maintaining a healthy corporate culture.

C-Change Show – The Data Behind Culture & High Performing Companies

Kevin breaks down why the highest performing organizations consistently have the healthiest cultures.

Relationships at Work Podcast – The Leadership Blueprint for Culture Change

In this episode, Kevin chats with Russel Lolacher about the research-based actions leadership can take to change the culture of their organization for the better.

Future of HR Podcast – Culture Renovation

Kevin explains why, when it comes to culture change, it’s important to be thinking renovation and not transformation.

Compassionate Leaders Circle Podcast – Rethinking Work Culture and Productivity

Kevin shares his insights on rethinking work culture to create a more productive and engaged workforce.

Qualtrics: The Best Human Resource (HR) Books to Read in 2023

Qualtrics’ employee experience experts have selected Culture Renovation as one of their favorite books to challenge you and change the way you think and work – for the better. (Form Required)

Modern Business Operations podcast – Culture Renovation

Kevin and host Sagi Eliyahu discuss key learnings from the book.