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Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead Podcast: Kevin Oakes on Cultural Renovation

“This is the best playbook I’ve seen when it comes to creating organizational cultures that create competitive advantage, unlock performance, and rehumanize work.”

Publishers Weekly: “Business leaders will want to check out this smart, savvy guide.”

Read this review of Culture Renovation, in which “Oakes successfully presents countless case studies that clarify his advice.”

Inevitable: The Future of Work Podcast – Culture Renovation

In this interview/conversation, Kevin Oakes, author of Culture Renovation, outlines how we can plan, build, and maintain cultures that enable positive and lasting change.

Booklist: A Review of Culture Renovation

Read this review of the new book by Kevin Oakes.

CEO World – The Key to Agility: Create a Kill Our Company Committee

Kevin Oakes recommends every organization form a committee designed to disrupt itself (before the competitors do).

Schools for Startups Radio – Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Listen to this podcast hosted by Jim Beach.

Life as Leadership Podcast – Why You Should Renovate Rather Than Transform Your Culture with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss his new book.

HR Executive – Here’s How HR Can Lead a ‘Culture Renovation’

In this interview, Kevin Oakes discusses what it means to renovate culture, when companies should embark on such an initiative and what corporate culture has in common with a beautiful, old house.

SmartBrief – Stop Trying to Transform Your Culture. Renovate It, Instead.

Kevin Oakes explains the benefits of a culture renovation.

LeadershipNow Leading Blog – Culture Renovation Overview

Read the blog for an overview of the book.

McGraw Hill +BusinessBlog – Stop Trying to Transform Your Culture. Renovate it Instead.

Kevin Oakes explains the importance of needing to spearhead a culture renovation in order to drive profits, growth, and business sustainability.

Brainfluence with Roger Dooley – How to Change Corporate Culture

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to share insights from the book.

My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle – Great Business Culture is Observable in the Actions of its People

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to discuss how business culture can be approached similar to a home renovation – perfecting one area at a time – for small business leaders.

Wharton Business Radio – Kevin Oakes on Leadership in Action

Kevin Oakes discusses his book Culture Renovation on Business Radio’s Leadership in Action program, SiriusXM 132.

Dose of Leadership Podcast – Creating a Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joins Richard Rierson’s podcast for a conversation about building unshakeable organizations.

Delivering Happiness Podcast – Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company

Kevin Oakes joins the podcast to discuss the new book.

Leadership Insights blog – Tackle Your Culture Renovation

Kevin Oakes talks with Skip Prichard about turning cultures into agile, innovative, and resilient powerhouses.

Chief Executive – What If Your Assumptions About Culture Are All Wrong?

Visit the website for an excerpt of the book.

TD Magazine – Book Capsules, March 2021

Read the magazine’s review of the book.

Get Reworked Podcast – Why Now Is The Perfect Time for Culture Renovation

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss the book and what makes good corporate cultures work.

Forbes – Does Your Culture Have Know-It-Alls or Learn-It-Alls?

Kevin Oakes interview with Rodger Dean Duncan covers the book and how culture is inextricably linked to organizational performance.

SocialTalent’s The Shortlist – How to Ensure Company Culture Doesn’t Become a Casualty

Kevin Oakes joined the podcast to discuss the book and how to renovate for success.

Show Up As A Leader Podcast – Kevin Oakes on What it Really Takes To Renovate Workplace Culture

Kevin Oakes sat down with Dr. Rosie Ward to discuss key aspects of the book.

Love In Action Podcast – Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes joined Marcel Schwantes to discuss how to successfully facilitate culture change.

Midwest Book Review – The Business Shelf

The Wisconsin Bookwatch from March 2021 provides a review of the book.

CMSWire – Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Find What’s Working and Build From There

Phil Britt cites Culture Renovation in his recent article on customer experience.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – How to Leverage Organizational Storytelling in Shaping Culture

The EO blog features an excerpt from the book.

Entrepreneur Weekly – What Now! with Scott Duffy and Plan, Build and Maintain with Kevin Oakes

Kevin joined the podcast (episode 226) to discuss the book.

LEADx Blog – 3 Most Overlooked Aspects of Culture Renovation

Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx and NY Times Bestselling Author, provides a review of the book.