Culture Renovation® Solutions

Only 15% of organizations report successfully changing their cultures. Why is that? Kevin Oakes and i4cp’s research team have identified the actions that make a difference, but even then, planning, building, and maintaining a culture renovation is no easy task. We’re ready to help your organization improve, no matter what phase you’re in.

Culture Renovation® BrandView

Using proprietary AI-driven technology, developed at MIT, benchmark your culture versus key competitors and start building an employer brand that wins in the talent marketplace.

Culture Renovation® CultureView

Receive a comprehensive culture diagnostic that identifies your cultural strengths, pressing challenges, microcultures, trends over time and more; backed by MIT-developed AI.

Culture Renovation® Assessment

The first step for any successful culture change, the Culture Renovation™ Assessment combines employee listening techniques with analysis of external sentiment data to help you truly understand your organization's culture.

Culture Renovation® Dashboard

i4cp’s Culture Renovation™ Dashboard ensures that executives and corporate boards have a comprehensive, integrated, and real-time view of culture health, whether their organizations are planning, building, or maintaining a change.

Culture Renovation® Workshops

Planning, building, and maintaining a healthy culture during a pandemic (let alone normal times) is a challenge. i4cp experts are available to conduct virtual workshops that use the 18 steps as a framework to drive sustained and actionable change.