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“This is the best playbook I’ve seen when it comes to creating organizational cultures that create competitive advantage, unlock performance, and rehumanize work.” – Brené Brown, Ph.D.

Plan, build, and maintain a healthy culture.

About Culture Renovation®

Most business leaders understand the power of a dynamic, positive culture―but almost every effort to change culture fails. Why? The approach is often all wrong.

Rather than attempt to “transform” a new culture from the ground up, leaders need to instead spearhead a culture renovation. It’s all about keeping what works, changing what needs to be changed, and ensuring proper care and maintenance―much like refurbishing and living in a beautiful historic home and improving its overall value. Read more.

Praise for Culture Renovation

What’s clear is that corporate culture needs an overhaul. What’s less clear is how to undertake that massive task. Thank goodness, then, for Kevin Oakes. In Culture Renovation he lays out a straightforward framework that any business leader can use to face the future with confidence and to build a great organization from the inside out.
Dan Pink
New York Times bestselling author
Your employees are the engine that powers ideas, innovation, and success of your company every day. A strong culture can provide the right fuel to nurture and empower your teams. In Culture Renovation, Kevin reinforces how leaders can learn from others and create the environment that enables each employee to make a difference.
Ajay Banga
CEO, Mastercard
Today’s top talent is seeking employers with a strong purpose aligned with their purpose. They want clear direction for the future and a culture that drives the strongest engagement and best performance and rewards. The company examples and steps that Kevin Oakes provides are the guideposts and evidence for employees to sign on.
Beth Ford
President & CEO, Land O'Lakes

Benchmark your culture

Is your culture in need of renovating?

Take the Culture Renovation® Instant Assessment to understand your organization’s readiness and maturity level on your culture change journey.

Culture Renovation® Solutions

Culture Renovation® BrandView

Using proprietary AI-driven technology, developed at MIT, benchmark your culture versus key competitors and start building an employer brand that wins in the talent marketplace.

Culture Renovation® Assessment

The first step for any successful culture change, i4cp's Culture Renovation® Assessment combines employee listening techniques with analysis of external sentiment data to help you truly understand your organization's culture.

Culture Renovation® Workshops

Planning, building, and maintaining a healthy culture during a pandemic (let alone normal times) is a challenge. i4cp experts are available to conduct virtual workshops that use the 18 steps as a framework to drive sustained and actionable change.

Based on groundbreaking research

Only 15% of organizations succeed in transforming their cultures.

Despite that lack of success, the steps to effective culture transformationin reality, a renovationare clear and attainable for most organizations.

The Culture Renovation book is based on one of the most significant global studies ever undertaken, with input from nearly 7,700 business professionals representing thousands of organizations. Using this data, human capital research firm i4cp and CEO Kevin Oakes have identified 18 key actions HR and leadership teams can take to plan, build, and maintain successand build an unshakeable company.


One key to a successful culture change is to figure out what to keepwhat makes your current culture great, and what needs to evolve?


It’s imperative to have a strategy that enlists, aligns, and empowers leaders and key influencers at all levels across the organization.


Adapt all programs, from training to performance management, to replicate the valued behaviors of your renovated culture.