Culture Renovation Spotlight: Intel

Intel has a long and proud history as a company. Best known for powering computers around the world, Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue. Their semi-conductor dominance has been challenged over the last several years as designers of mobile chips have cut into the market share for chips overall. But while Intel is 45th on the Fortune 500, the company recognizes the importance of culture to their continued long-term business success. New CEO Pat Gelsinger said on his second day on the job that “Intel must be the place where the best talent in the world can fulfill their dreams. We need to untether our enormous energy and potential for our business with a vibrant, inclusive and open culture.”

Recently we hosted Stephanie Crook, Intel’s head of HR strategy and culture on our new bi-weekly call Getting Hybrid Work Right. It’s no secret that Culture Renovation® is a well-read book by several involved in the company’s culture change efforts, and Stephanie described their use of culture ambassadors—a technique described in the book. If you’d like to hear more about Intel’s culture journey and what they are doing in their return-to-office efforts, you can access a recording of the call in i4cp’s archive here.

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